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It’s been tough to get much done with 11 straight days over 95 degrees, but we did make some progress.

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  • Brad kicked some major ass, building the rear seating including 2 storage access doors, as well as chopped down the car’s side panel and re-welded the support column for the passenger entrance.
  • The new wider tires didn’t fit on the first go-around, because of the suspension arm on the front, and the drum brake offset on the rear, but after procuring some 1” spacers, everything seems to work – though we still need to trim the body panels to fit. The old solid tires weighed like 70lbs each – I’m really glad we’re replacing them, especially with reports of the playa being extra soft this year.
  • Ripping out the front seats turned into a bit of a time suck as all of the bolts had rusted solid.
  • Tested the red marine paint on the steel and wood. Looks bright, shiny, and durable – so ordered 6 more quarts.
  • Sorted out the electrical system some more. Think we have all the proper wire gauges, plugs, and adapters for the 48v reducer and 12v fuse panel. Now that the seating storage is done, we can start running the wires and testing the loads.
  • Tom has been making progress on the reindeer down in Raleigh – I can’t wait to see it!

Here’s a picture of the rear seating and storage. One half opens from the rear and will be used for inverters, amplifiers, and light controllers. The other opens to the passenger compartment and will be used for Santa hats, gifts, snuggies, etc.


christmas carol

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christmas carol