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Here’s a picture after some work this weekend. Getting the tail angles and supports correct while still keeping it all modular for shipping was a bit of work (It’d be a lot easier if I could just screw everything together). Also, some previous owner thought it would be wise to smear dielectric grease on one of the circuit boards and connectors – except the grease got into the connector and was causing a sporadic fault where the motor either wouldn’t work at all, or it wouldn’t turn off!!  Anyways, an hour of rewiring and cleaning fixed that problem.

Almost time to move on to the paint and lighting. Rebecca reports that the upholstery is coming along nicely.



christmas carol

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  1. Malinda says:

    Tebrik ederim hakikaten beklemediÄŸim bir yazıydı bu ve gördüğümde ne kadar mutlu olduÄŸumu anlatamam :)bu tarz güzel araÅŸtırmaları bir tek siz yapıyorsunuz, devamının gelmesi dieŸlliyÄe.Tasarımlara deÄŸinmek gerekirse Fenerbahçe ve Sivasspor dışındakiler son sıra için yarışıyor adeta. Sivasspor u bilmiyorum ama Fenerbahçe alanında lider bir ajansla çalışmıştı, adını vermiyim zaten sayfayı inceleyen farkedebilir.

  2. This has been going on in the UAE for a long time – at least 20 years. If you lose your job, you have 30 days to get out of the country, and if you cannot sell your car, it gets left at the airport (that is if the bank is owed, otherwise lots of people ship cars back home in containers for about $3000-$4000). I would like to see the prices now – they were cheap by American standards 5 years ago.

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christmas carol