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Thanks to 13 generous volunteers who showed up last weekend we cranked out all the sanding and priming, and got a good start on the painting. Particularly awesome was how the workers did a higher quality job than I would have. Hehe.

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Here’s an early photo of Rudolph. He’ll have glowing red eyes and a 500watt halogen spotlight from a fire truck as a nose.


christmas carol

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  1. Buddy says:

    I actually know nothing about your life or health issues. Nor am I really interested. You’re just an angry guy snarling on teh intrawebz. But thanks for the dietary advice, I’ll give that all due coodrseiatinn.Life is good today.

  2. Feb16 This will be my home desktop / workstation. I also have my Windows Home Server which will handle all file storage, streaming, and backup.I don’t plan to use Linux, but it’s never out of the question. I might throw together a dual-boot rig just to play around in Ubuntu.

  3. 6/1 Soderling ! 50 % de première contre 82 hier. Il a tout donné hier aidé par Federer mais aujourd’hui ça semble dur. Il lui reste à espérer une baisse de Soderling

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    If you’re reading this, you’re all set, pardner!

  7. TssttIl ne va pas l’afficher votre com’ sur son blog; pas fou, il ne veut pas que ça se sache… sinon il y aurait une meute derrière lui…

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christmas carol