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The Marauder performed AMAZINGLY! Sure, it got dirty and banged up a bit, but overall it exceeded all expectations. Below are a few pictures and notesm11

The lights at night worked perfectly. No outages, and clearly visible across the playa.


The last minute reinforcement of Rudolph’s mount turned out to be essential – without it, I think the bumpy back roads would have ripped right through the original steel plating. Similarly, all the work that went into widening the tire-base allowed us to power through all the drifts and dunes.

m10 m6

Initial worries about range on the electric batteries were soon dispelled – by the end of the week we had a good system of charging worked out that let us drive anywhere anytime.

m3 m12

The most fun was had giving rides to strangers at all hours, playing weird music for people in the open playa, deep art tours, the Santarchy parties, and gifting sleeves of ice along the backstreets (far from ice sales). We also transported memorial art to the temple, made tons of ice runs for ourselves and neighbors, and drove a few people to the medical tent.

Additions/repairs for next year:

  • cheaper transport. Shipping costs exceeded $2,000
  • re-run el-wire wiring underneath vehicle
  • install new ignition switch/lock
  • rebuild side padding
  • re-wire speaker mounts
  • more durable parasols
  • camelbak hooks?

Thanks so much to everyone who made the Marauder possible and for helping out on Playa! Sooooo much fun!


christmas carol

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christmas carol