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Why build an art car? They are very expensive. It’s a ton of work to modify it into something beautiful. Where to store it when you’re not using it? How to get it from the east coast to Nevada? Should we leave it out there, or bring it back? Are we really going to spend several thousand dollars on something that we’ll probably only use a week or two out of the year, and might break the first day?

I weighed these questions for quite a while. I finally arrived at the answer that there is no good answer. It’s art. We do it for it’s own sake – because it’s fun. Personally, the main reason I’m doing it is because I’m excited about it. It’s something I’ve never done before – a whole new set of challenges to overcome and problems to solve – a whole new bunch of creative ways to interact with my community. I’ve been going to Burning Man nonstop since 1998. I’ve done esplanade theme camps, corner sound camps, funded art grants, greeted, rangered, and just about every other form of participation you can think of. I’ve never built a mutant vehicle and dragged it across the country. It should be a blast!


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