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I flew out to Reno for a weekend end-July to do some Marauder repairs. After 11 months of non-use the 48v charger was not kicking in when plugged in. I was worried that it was because the charger was kaput. It turns out the batteries had dropped to such a low level that the charger wouldn’t start up.

The solution? Make sure each battery had decent water (above the lead plates), then disconnected most of the cables from the batteries so that instead of a 8x6v battery pack in series they were simply 4x12v battery packs – then connect each 12v pair to normal 12v battery chargers (see below). After charging overnight like that, I reconnected everything and plugged the 48v charger back in, and the relay clicked over like normal.


I followed up on that with a long series of figure eights in my friend’s back yard to cycle the battery a few times, with proper 48v charging intervals in between. By the end of the weekend, it seemed stronger than ever.

I also rebuilt the rear seat back, which cracked last year, installed a new ignition switch, power washed the frame and all the cushions, re-organized all the parts bins, and removed the side upholstery for restoration back in DC.

Most importantly, perhaps, I sawed the floor cover in half so I can now access the batteries without dis-assembling the entire rear of the car. That way, if we have another battery failure like in 2014 we can repair it much quicker. I don’t know why that took 3 years to think of… oh well.


Very excited about 2015! We have a good crew and it should be a lot of fun. Ho!

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