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After we decided on the Rocket Sleigh theme, we started looking for inspirational designs. Since I draw like a 5 year old, I recruited master artist and trouble maker Mad dog to help out. For starters I fed him the below images.

stock-photo-4759850-santa-sleigh sleigh Santa__s_Super_Sleigh_by_Hunterb8 legosleigh-sg  sleigh 37 500x_santa_sleigh

The first draft looked like this:


The base vehicle is only 10ft long, so we trimmed some of the ornamental flash. We added the side wings to emphasize the rocket look, and added more lights everywhere. The rocket pods on the wings double as speakers for the sound system. The rear of the sleigh has a raised seating area with storage underneath (for gifts). We also moved the rear entrance to the driver’s side, so he’d have better control over people getting on/off. The second draft looks like this:


christmas carol

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christmas carol