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We spent a lot of the winter assembling the guts of the sound, lighting, and electronics for the sleigh. I’ll post more details as the assembly comes together, but in the picture above you can see:

48v to 12v voltage reducer (so we can run everything off the 48v battery pack)
Motor temperature monitor and relay (so we don’t burn out the motor)
64 feet of RGB LED strip lighting
1959 Cadillac bullet tail lights
Vintage voltmeter and ammeter
Military throw switches
JL audio marine wakeboard speakers (rocket engine pods)
JL audio 600watt class-d amplifier
Fuse box; various gauge wires and interconnects
Vintage first aid kit (will house ipod and light controls – as well as first aid supplies)
25″ clown horn

Below is a 500w par64 spotlight off an old fire engine that will be mounted on the front of the sleigh to light up our reindeer. And two sets of 40″tall blow mold candles and santas that will be rewired with brighter 12v lighting.

image image Santas

Getting everything wired right is going to be an interesting challenge. As we thought about it we realized we need more controls than just one on/off switch. For example, you want to be able to leave on the running lights while you’re absent for the vehicle for a while without someone being able to drive off with it. We want to be able to turn off or dim the monster front spotlight while approaching art and the city, while still having some headlights. And so on.

christmas carol

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christmas carol