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Everyone loves Santa. Everyone loves getting gifts. Actually, I’m kind of surprised that in 15 years of going to Burning Man I’ve never seen a Santa’s sleigh before. It’s such an ideal base for interactive mischief and gifting. The Santa theme lends itself easily to demonstrations of Burning Man’s traditions of gifting, immediacy, and radical self expression (among others).

The crew building this mutant vehicle has been running Santarchy in Washington DC since 2001, so it was a pretty easy choice, based on our experience spreading holiday cheer. Also, considering we have to drag this thing all the way across the country, something sleigh-sized makes a lot of sense logistically.


Planned Marauder gifts include: ice delivery rides from Anarctica outposts, deep playa art tours, ice cold towels, Santa hats, LEDs for darkwads, as well as general community services such as shuttling wedding parties to the Temple, etc. Anyone riding the car will be encouraged to wear a Santa hat, of course.

The Merry Marauder also pays homage to what is widely credited as Burningman’s very first theme camp: “Xmas Camp” in 1993 by Cacophonists Peter Doty, Lisa Archer, and Amanda Marshal .
(photo by LadyBee)

christmas carol

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christmas carol