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After considering chopping down postal delivery vans, pickup trucks, and (very briefly) my own car, we decided to save a little time and money and start with a vehicle that was already pretty stripped down and reliable: A 2000 Cushman Titan utility vehicle. This particular one used to tow luggage around Dulles airport before Independence Air went bankrupt. The base is a good medium size (about 10’x4’) — we wanted something that would be able to carry 6-9 people (you know – like a sleigh). Also, it already looks kind of sleigh-ish.

It is powered by a low-speed/high-torque 48v electric motor. Going electric was a tough decision. There are a lot of trade-offs and challenges, but we think they will pay off. Being able to run silent goes well with the winter santa theme, and we thought Burning Man didn’t really need another noisy engine running around.



christmas carol

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christmas carol